Suffragette City is about collaboration and pooling our community's collective talents to better everyone involved. Our zine showcases creatives local to our home base in Brooklyn, NY as well as across the country and abroad. Especially as an emerging female or non-binary artist, having a high quality publication backing up your work shows people that others take your work seriously and that they should too. We are advertisement free and funded entirely by amazing people like you. We're proud to be a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas

We are made up of artists, writers, and musicians aiming to break up the cis male dominated creative scenes. We produce events booked by women, with female and non-binary fronted bands, and encourage the venues we work with to hire and staff non cis males for all roles—from working the soundboard, to running the door.

Suffragette City is here to support your work, to offer career advice, to workshop something new, and to provide a platform to get your voice heard.

xo The Suffragettes

Interested in playing one of our shows, or just want to know more? Email us: contact AT suffragettezine DOT com


FOUNDER/creative director/Editor in chief

  • City rat, born and raised in Hell's Kitchen, NYC

  • Art director/graphic designer by day

  • Everything DIY, especially punk rock and home cooking

  • I sing in a band called NO ICE and a band called BIG CHEESE

  • I don’t care what medium I’m working in, as long as I’m being creative

  • Of the different creative things I do, I’m probably best at organizing overly ambitious projects and events

  • Building community is the most important thing to me

  • I’ve been making zines since high school, so not much has changed in the past 15+ years


Diana Salvatore is a writer and artist living in Brooklyn, NY. Her stories and poetry feature brutally honest, hilariously relatable accounts of life as a young woman in New York City and elsewhere. After living and working in Provence under the tutelage of French artist Sandrine Christophle, Diana completed stints in the editorial department of Martha Stewart Living, and the fashion closet of Seventeen magazine. An avid home cook, her latest endeavor is a collection of recipes inspired by her Mediterranean roots. Check future issues of Suffragette City for Diana's latest works.


Nicole Ruggiero was born and raised in New York City and is now living in Harlem. She graduated from School of Visual Arts with a BFA in Graphic Design and currently works as a full time Graphic Designer for an event management company. Although graphic design has been her main focus the last few years, Nicole’s love of art began at a young age. She has a background in various forms of art that she enjoys doing on her own time.


Born in 1990, Jordan E. Franklin is a poet born and raised in Brooklyn.  She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Brooklyn College in 2012 earning a BFA in Creative Writing. An avowed lover of music, her tastes and preferences often pepper her poems. She can frequently be found performing in various reading series around NYC including "Having A Whiskey Coke With You" and "The Buzzards' Banquet."

She is currently an MFA student in Creative Writing at Stony Brook Southampton.

event coordinator


Maria Lina Canales is a jack of all trades kind of woman whose top skills include hairdressing and illustrating. She likes to skateboard, see live bands, make noise music, read, and rock and roll in her free time. At night you can find her DJing around NYC or running the soundboard at your favorite bands show.


Harley Kinberg was born and raised in New York City. Although never formally trained, Kinberg discovered her love of drawing at an early age and continues to develop her style with creative independence. She draws portraits that render and expose a unique array of emotions through an emphasis on light and shadow—accentuating the intricacies of human expression.

event assistant + WEB/tech guru

Lily Gist is a visual artist living in Brooklyn, whose current series Metrics explores new ways to measure, study, and share experiences to account for the biases and blindspots in our self perception.